Tax Resolution Services

tax resolution services

How We Help

  • If you owe money to the IRS, we can help.
  • If you owe unpaid taxes to the state, we can help.
  • If the IRS has just garnished your paycheck, we can help.
  • If the IRS swiped money from your bank account, we can help.
  • If the IRS attached a lien to your home, we can help.
  • If the IRS attached a lien to your mobile home, we can help.
  • If the IRS attached a lien to your vehicle, we can help.
  • If you are losing sleep because the IRS keeps hounding you, please give us a call today because we can help.
  • If you are afraid to open your mailbox because you are afraid to find another frightening letter from Uncle Sam, we can help.

We know all the buzz words and tax jargon. We know all the forms and procedures. We know you don’t want to become an expert in tax resolution (it took us years). We know how to make the pain and fear stop.

Here are the most common requests for help:

  1. Penalty Abatement – We know which penalties are often abated and when the timing is best to file an abatement.
  2. Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) – We can file an OIC for you. However, most OICs that are filed do not qualify according to the regulations. We only file OICs for clients that qualify, which greatly increases your chances of being accepted.
  3. Wage Garnishment – If the IRS is already taking a big chunk out of every paycheck, we know the process to make it stop.

  • “Aric has been amazing. He has saved me more than $10,000 in taxes!"
    - G.H. Columbia, MO
  • “Aric saved me more than $50,000 in taxes.”
    - D.B. Marceline, MO
  • “Aric & Co. are skilled and diligent to provide friendly, honest service. They have earned my trust. They saved me over $35,000.”
    - J.S. Columbia, MO
  • “Aric has always asked questions and worked to help us get the most money possible”
    - K.A. Sturgeon, MO
  • “Aric is very personal, knowledgeable and professional. He has saved us over $26,000. It seems like Aric really cares about us, we are not just another number to him.”
    - R.M. Columbia, MO

What service does our company offer?

We offer tax resolution to help you get out from under the burden of IRS debt.

Stated another way: Serenity Tax Salvation saves people from IRS Tax Hell.

Why is our service better/more affordable than competitors?

Most of our competitors are not local, therefore they cannot provide the personal touch. The national firms are so big, they make you feel like a number, not a person.

What experience do we have?

  1. I have been a CPA since 1983 and have been standing up to the IRS since that time.
  2. I have never lost an audit.
  3. I have been instrumental in negotiating the abatement of tens of thousands of dollars of IRS penalties.

What’s the price for our service?

We have a unique three-step process. We explain each step before asking you to authorize us to take the next step. We help you develop realistic expectations and a basic timeline, even though the IRS is notorious for “moving the finish line.”

We communicate with you weekly and let you know the work we performed last week and status of your case.

Since our office is in middle America we are able to keep our costs down and pass that savings through to our customers.

Even though each case is unique, the first step is to contact us to claim your free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling us.

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