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For years, I dabbled in tax resolution work on behalf of my clients and was successful getting most penalties abated. My eyes were opened recently when I attended an advanced tax resolution seminar and obtained the tools and knowledge that I didn't have previously. I quickly preceived that the deals I had made in the past with the IRS could have been much greater.

That is why I formed Serenity Tax Salvation LLC:

  1. To help people pay the absolute least amount possible to the IRS
  2. To give hope to good people who have fallen into the “tax vortex”
  3. To rescue people from IRS Tax Hell
  4. To keep people from feeling like slaves to the IRS
  5. To give people a fresh start on life by clearing their tax debt
  6. To bring peace to their homes by stopping constant IRS collection letters
  7. To stand up for the little man against the Goliath of the federal beau acracy
  8. I am passionate about helping people pay less taxes legally.


Poll after poll show that CPAs are the most trusted of all advisors.  I have been a CPA since 1983 and have prepared tax returns and represented clients before the IRS without ever losing a case.  I have owned Columbia CPA Group since 2006 and organized STS in 2016 to focus on slashing the tax debt of dozens of people each year.

I enjoy helping anyone who is currently struggling with tax problems or trying to deal with the IRS alone because I now know the tricks to resolve big tax issues.

After owning an accounting and tax practice for ten years, it was time to make a commitment to helping more people with big tax problems. So, I formed a business for just that purpose; Serenity Tax Salvation, LLC.

Our Values

Our primary company values are:  

  1. Accountability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Communication
  4. Teamwork
  5. Family
  6. Value
  7. Accuracy
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